SIM2 has consistently set new standards of performance and design in projection, allied with unprecedented innovation. The all-new CRYSTAL 4 UHD HDR is no exception.  

The CRYSTAL 4 UHD HDR projector delivers class-leading picture quality through the partnership of the latest 4K UHD  DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments, super high-precision and resolution optics and SIM2’s advanced video processing technology, for a lucid and colorful viewing experience.  DLP® from Texas Instruments is Hollywood’s choice of technology for movie theaters and conveys extraordinary image quality that brings out the smallest details - even during high-speed sequences – with assured, long-lasting performance. 

The 4K UHD chipset

The 4K UHD DMD chip's fast-switching speed (over 9,000 times per second) allows each mirror to render two distinct and unique pixels per frame to display 8.3 million pixels for each frame - four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. The result is an image with extreme corner-to-corner clarity and sharply defined details.


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