• SIM2 Crystal 4 UHD HDR projector is designed and crafted to complement your home while still leaving a lasting mark – with a careful selection of materials and a great attention to detail.
    The Crystal 4 UHD HDR design is understated with an uncompromising minimalism that transcends time…

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  • For its SIM2 CRYSTAL4 UHD HDR  projector, SIM2 has chosen a crystal-glass cabinet, perfect for adding a special and unique touch to suit any taste or room style - whether traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between - making it a classic, timeless piece of art, a true keepsake.

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  • HDR: extremely realistic images

    SIM2 CRYSTAL4 UHD HDR is not only a HDR-capable (accepting an HDR-encoded signal via HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2) on all 3 HDMI inputs, but it presents a full set of features dedicated to HDR picture display.
    It offers automatic metadata recognition. The…

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  • The SIM2 CRYSTAL4 UHD HDR projector delivers unprecedented picture quality through the partnership of the latest 4K UHD  DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments, high-precision and resolution optics and SIM2’s advanced video processing technology, for a new level of cinematic realism in single chip…

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  • CRYSTAL 4 key features

    •    Ultra High Definition Optics (UHD)
    •    New, high-precision optical path (12° projection angle)
    •    DLP technology for a true “Hollywood”  lifetime picture quality experience
    •    1-chip DMD, 4K UHD Image resolution
    •    HDR features
    •    High Brightness
    •    Vertical optical shift
    •    1.5x power zoom
    •    Crystal-glass cabinet finish

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